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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Did you know that 3 years is 1,095 days ? Did you know that a few bad people in a profession do not represent the entire profession?

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 907 days later 
I will not drink and drive.....because I said I would 

Oh September 28, sigh. This date ("anniversary")  bothered me more last night and today than the last 2 years for whatever reason. No one can beat me up like I do, I'm my toughest critic. Minion defined: a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one..... I don't like the glorification of minions, I think it's absurd. I realize it's a cute kids movie and the minions are "totes" "adorbs" but being a minion isn't a good thing. Just my opinion. Maybe 3 years ago and stupid o'clock I saw a minion and ran it over "lol".  "To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it" -Charlie Chaplin. "If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane"- Robert Frost. "Don't be a minion and don't drink and drive" -Me

Three yeas ago, (1,095 days) I made a personal bad decision.  1,095 days ago I learned that I was the only human to make a mistake (how I felt). 1,095 days ago I learned that the media cared more about a personal mistake than government corruption and that my personal mistake "story" needed to immediately be brought to the attention of all of Northern Ohio, and almost nationally.   (Interesting how the word of my mistake traveled so quickly, almost immediately after...when it usually takes days for the media to learn these things). Oh, the media had a field day and the keyboard warriors commenting on social media had fun too.

1,095 days ago I learned how it felt to be judged, threatened, and destroyed on social media and local news sites across Northern Ohio.  Hey, I made the mistake and I was in the public eye so I can't complain.  1,095 days later I still own my mistake AS I DID from day one and have not and will not ever put myself in that position again......never.

As if the media didn't have enough to focus on, an officer (one of the participating officers involved with  "pill gate") released a police report to the media  (not sure that's even legal).  It was from Christmas of  2009.  It was a domestic violence call that would finally end a 3 year abusive relationship, something that took me a while to get over and affects me still to this day.  It took a lot to get away from this person and having someone trying to get this out to the media, 7 years later was pathetic, desperate, and cowardly. Christmas 2010 I didn't press charges; but, the officer that followed up with that call, 7 years ago, was instrumental in helping me see that it was a bad relationship and that I didn't deserve what had happened. This officer's comments and compassion opened my eyes and I will be forever thankful for him.  It was a wake up call for me and I finally ended that horrible 3 year long abusive relationship, much thanks to that officer. 

Alas, 59 days following September 28, 2013 (1,037 days ago), I learned that I provided the perfect opportunity for a corrupt few to wrongfully, unethically, and illegally assassinate my character, attempt to discredit me, to get me to "shut up", to set me up for "my accidental death" down the road (as I was warned), and to deflect from corruption that I discovered.    1,095 days later I know the who, what, where, and how of what happened 1,037 days ago, "pill gate" is solved.  I respected all responding officers 1,095 days ago and blame NO ONE but me, it was MY choice, MY mistake. 

"Pill gate", in addition to the domestic violence police report leak to the media illustrates that there are corrupt police,  BUT it is only a SMALL percentage and that small percentage does NOT represent the entire population of that profession.     It's not only just a very small percentage of police that are corrupt but EVERY profession that holds "power" is at greater risk of corruption and bad intentions including doctors, nurses, priests, lawyers, politicians ( I must say that the percentage of corruption among politicians is probably higher), the media (I have yet to see any ethical, informative, factual, unbiased local news sources), scientists, CEO's, and the like. Furthermore, all professions have a small percentage within their population that are corrupt, of ill intent, abuse power, and so forth.  It drives me insane when I see people judge an entire group of people based off of the bad actions of a few and regardless of the handful of "bad apples" that I encountered, I support law enforcement, because I know that small group of minions does not represent all. 

1,095 days later I'm learning to forgive myself for this mistake/ bad decision.  I am incredibly thankful that no one was hurt and I will never do that again...never.  You could not pay me to take just a sip of alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car,  key in ignition or not.  1,095 days later I'm still a bit mad for putting myself in that situation because of what happened 59 days after, however, I learned a lot, it will never be repeated,  and I'm not the only human to make a mistake.  Regardless of my mistake/bad decision, it does NOT make what those who orchestrated "pill gate" 1,037 days ago right, it doesn't justify anything, it doesn't let them off the hook, and even more so that is not my fault.  Regardless of what a handful of people in one profession did/ do, I do not and will not judge the entire population of that profession.  I support our officers that bravely risk their lives 24/7 and I am thankful for their service. 

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