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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Favorite Month is Over....July-ing?!?!

My favorite month is over, July-ing!?!? Get it?  ("you- lying?!")  Ha!

My favorite month is over which means my favorite season is almost over.  July started out fast, and it went by even faster.  I was dreading turning "35" and frustrated with many things out of balance in my life.  I started receiving "Parents" magazine in the mail....really?  I'm 35 and still single, can we focus on finding a decent man to date first?  And, who the heck pays for this?  

On my birthday I literally ended up having "enough" and really started focusing on my health and wellness journey; but, that will be another blog post.   My birthday was quiet.  I spent the evening at Touche in Vermilion eating dinner and drinking cocktails with my makers (aka my parents, aka my friends).  We sat outside by the lake, as I love my water as well as patio time whenever the weather is not cold.     (I recommend reading Blue Mind by Wallace J Nichols, it is a great non- fiction book explaining the amazing positive effects of water). 

Sunday the family attended The Phantom of The Opera.   I first saw the musical in the late 80's when Colm Wilkinson was The Phantom (my favorite Phantom actor), and I fell in love with the musical. I've seen it many times since, I've dressed up as The Phantom for Halloween way back in the day, still have the cassette tape, and learned to play the music on the piano back in the day when I took piano lessons. It's still my favorite musical. Though there were some changes it didn't disappoint and it brought back great memories.

Monday I enjoyed time with my little sister, my "twin 10 years and 8 days apart".   We grabbed an early dinner at Crocker Park and did some shopping, we were both exhausted but it was a lovely time hanging out with my sister and having girl talk- sister talk.   I love her wild spirit! 

Wednesday July 13th I attended another year of "Best of Lorain County" and supported my mother's restaurant, The Unicorn Restaurant and Pub, as they were again nominated for several categories.  Plus, my friend Janet came back from Florida for a quick visit so it was great to see her as well.  
The following day I attended the "Soft Opening" of  my parents NEW venture/ investment,  Foundry Kitchen & Bar   (See article here: New Restaurant Opens) .  

The following Wednesday I went out to dinner with my parents, we were hoping to see some RNC action and were curious of the activities but we stayed outside the "perimeter" and ended up at Johnny's on Fulton Rd.   We sat on the patio (which is detached from the inside restaurant).  I had to use the restroom so I walked outside and then inside where right away I recognized American Hero, Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell.   I was shocked and didn't know what to do, I hurriedly used the restroom, and quickly returned to my parents. I got choked up as I told them, Marcus Luttrell is inside!  (repeat a million a times).   I don't like to bother "celebrities/ those in the public eye" because I understand the value of being able to go somewhere and have a peaceful evening without someone interrupting,  Alas, he is a hero and male role model and I had to meet him. (I'll explain the importance of male role models and the current lack of male role models in today's society in another post).  We went inside for a "night cap"and I walked up to his table, tapped him on the shoulder and basically said "Thank you" a million times, shook his hand, and I was able to get a picture with him.  Pardon my facial expression, I was literally trying not to burst into tears,  I take the sacrifice, dedication, and courage of our veterans very seriously and with the deepest and most sincere gratitude.  I also met Governor Rick Perry, another admirable man.  I shook his hand and said, "Thank you Governor".   

 Speaking of American Heroes, this month I was also able to initiate, secure,  and begin coordinating an event here in Lorain County with an American Hero .......details coming soon! 

The month ended with my maternal family reunion.   This was bittersweet as I haven't been back since 2013 when my Grandma passed away and I have been distant since my Grandpa (the only person that understood me) passed away in 2003.   My maternal grandparents meant the world to me and I've missed them painfully, especially during the tumultuous times as of late.  I'm so glad I attended, it was great to see everyone, great to see the farm, his tractors, and great to be back to an area that provided so many great memories. 

 It's hard to believe that July is over.  I hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer....  Winter is Coming!  

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