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Monday, November 26, 2012

Aquagear Finis Lap Track Review

Finis Lap Track....Buy Online

I've been swimming since I was a baby.  I started swimming competitively when I was 5 years old and kept swimming through High School.  I am currently a triathlete and I love swimming.  Swimming is something I can turn to when my mind is overloaded.  When I'm in the water I focus on my stroke technique, breathing, and body positioning.  I'm able to be completely mindful in the water.  However, one issue I have always had with swimming in a pool is counting laps.  I have no idea why this is such a difficult task, but it is.  I either end up swimming too much or too little. 

I was thrilled to hear of Aquagear's website and immediately checked it out.  The website is very informative with a wide variety of products.  I checked out lap counters (the swim watches and MPS tabe found under the swim gear section) and came accross this Finis Lap Track, it looked like a perfect gadget to assist with my lap counting. 

The service was perfect and I recieved my brown box right away.  The Finis Lap Track came packaged via its own box, within the shipping box.  I quickly opened and was relieved to not see overwhelming confusion via pieces parts.  All parts were packed separately and easily accessible.  The instructions were simple and were offered in a variety of languages.  There are a few options to choose from when using your Finis Lap Track.  You can either suction it to the pool wall underwater, anchor it to the edge of the pool, or suction it on top of the edge at the pool.  All options are included with your Finis Lap Track and instructions are easy to understand.  Also, this lap counting savior comes with its own bag so that everything can be carried to the pool easily.  The inital set-up can be a little tricky at first while setting up the basic information and baseline data but once you set it up, it's smooth sailing (er, swimming) afterwards.

Once at the pool I was excited to start a workout in which I did not have to count laps.  I tried all of the different ways the Finis Lap Track could be used and found that suction to the pool wall underwater or directly  near the edge was the best way this tracker could be used; however this is my personal preference.  I swam 100 laps and I am certain that I did not forget to count....because the Finis Lap Track did it all for me. 

There are other features if you are interested in counting calories and split times.  I utilized both features but am most pleased with the lap counting function.  I recommend the Finis Lap Track to swimmers going the distance.  If you are concerned with speed and detail, this may not be the best item because of the extra seconds it takes, in addition to the accuracy to hitting the button. 

The Aquagear website is a great online shopping resource for anyone getting in the pool.  The service is great and there are many different products and options for swimmers. 

Thank you Aquagear and Finis Lap Track for making my swimming more enjoyable!

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