Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Let's get political

Power to the people

but where are the people?

group- think, sensationalism, scare tactics.....

the private industry jumps through hoops

while our government

operates on personal agenda

gotta help their buddies out

handshake deals

behind closed doors

 and in the meantime the public

passes around pictures with words and so the virus spreads

but the reality is out of sight out of mind

rampant while philosophies like be honest and do the right thing

are buried

the media, biased in all of its entities, creates

a story that you want to read

and you all believe

the lies, the smiles and the "it will be oks"

but it won't be ok

we'll soon be left in a world

full of hypocritical zombies

I pledge allegiance to the flag,

but where are those who are allegiant to the flag?

lies, deceit, backstabbing, personal agendas,

take a look at the facts and data before you fall victim to the smoke screens

anyone can tell you what you want to hear

but it takes courage, integrity, and determination to stand against

the status quo created by the good ole boy network

A (wo)man who stands for what is right and what is good

is more valuable than the (wo)man who stands on

deceit, ego and pleasure. 

your party affiliation is null and void in these circumstances

just give facts the attention that it deserves

and your eyes will see

Come on people!




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