Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog


Much more to come but here is "PHASE 1" .....

Write a book?  Have a product you are trying to sell/market?  Allow me to try it out and provide you with helpful feedback and a review that you can share.  All reviews will be posted on my blog and through social media and will reach my vast and unique network.

Contact me via email: 


Beginner Triathlon/ Running/ Swimming Mentoring

Interested in completing your first Triathlon, Running Race, or learning how to swim?  Contact me and let me be your mentor.  I will provide training tips, workout schedules, instruction, feedback, and more.....for FREE.  (limited spaces available)  contact me via email:  Completing such awesome feats will change your life!  <3

"Phase 3"

Political Activism/ Government Awareness

Interested in how your local government operates?  Not sure what your rights are and what information you are entitled to have?  Have questions and need direction?  I can help with that.  My experience in many government positions, my vast network of government officials and leaders can help you find more information about your local government.  For free, just email me:

Political Mentoring

Interested in running for a local official position?  I can help with that as well.  Get involved in your community and help make a difference.  Send me an email:

PTSD Support 

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