Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Disconnected Stay-cation Home-treat

When I was around high school age, I remember talking to my uncle about technology.  I don't know how the conversation came about but I remember stating something like, :technology is going to make our society more lazy, more obese, and more hateful". The pretty recent Disney movie Wall-E is pretty much exactly what I pictured many years ago.  Well, how about that Nostradamus, I was right.  College wasn't so bad, we had AOL instant messenger but we didn't yet discover texting and didn't have smart phones.  I have noticed a significant change in our society's behavior and culture since facebook.  Keyboard warriors, fake friends, and zombie soul-sucking energy vampires was created with facebook. Holy shit.  I personally was vehemently attacked via social media upon my DUI bad decision and furthermore when a police report was falsified and bitter police charged the local media and social media for a character defamation hail mary creating the infamous "Pill-Gate".   Boundaries ceased to exist and any joe blow could make up a fake name and slander the hell out of me like it was their job.  Whatever,  I called out a shit ton of corruption and I gave them ammunition when I made the mistake of drinking and driving (something I will never do again).  But to say what they did was right and that I made a bad decision that made me a target and gave haters an opportunity is like saying I was raped because I had a few drinks and my skirt was too short. That issue will be resolved in time. 

Smart phones has created an unmindful society from texting and driving to checking the phone every minute to see if we received an email, text, facebook "like" or otherwise.  It has made us more inefficient, more vulgar, and  more gullible.   The generation of immediate gratification has created a monster.  With that being said, after 4 years of always being connected and putting over 2,700 people's needs ahead of mine, I needed a break!  I decided that I would shut everything off Thursday through Sunday.  No internet, smart phone off, no email, no phone, no TV, no media...I stay away from news since I was in politics, I have a box full of examples of how the media twists and turns, lies, and is just flat out negligent.  ! I purchased a pre-pay cell phone and gave the number to my immediate family only to use only in case of emergency. 

Sweet baby cheeses it was like I unplugged from the Matrix but there were no men in black suits with expressionless faces chasing me.  It was amazing.  At first I was anxious and would reach for my phone out of habit.  But then I became present and mindful, my creativity came back, I could think without interruption, and I was focused. 

I spent these days on a juice cleanse care/of Fruit Vibe in Rocky River, I love their juices!  I took detox baths ( Epsom salts, baking soda and lavender), I wrote, I reflected, and I just was.  I exfoliated and dry scrubbed, pealing back layers of thick skin, eliminated scars, healed wounds, dried tears and confronted tears that were suffocated by others' needs, all accumulated over years of being connected.  I confronted my disgust from a corrupt government system, and broke free from fraudulent friends.  I hydrated myself with lots of water after feeling like a withered flower left to die in harsh dry conditions.  I meditated.  I refueled everything that was lost, damaged, and neglected.  It was amazing and I plan on doing this at least 4 times a year!  I'm currently exploring ways to disconnect daily and to not be so attached to my stupid smart phone.  You must try it!  If you need help in making this happen, email me at 

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