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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Tri-ing and Swimming, and Running and Living.....Ommmmmmmm MY!

I haven't done much blogging....but I HAVE BEEN BUSY!  Busy, enjoying summer, working towards the future and of course Tri-ing, Swimming, and Running....Ommmmmmm, I can't forget yoga, my practice is very important to my mind, body, and spirit and it has helped me in a million ways. .   Let's sum up these races, shall we?

 The Thirsty Dog 8k was wet, complete downpour but a strong race and finish. 

The following day, the Milton Man Sprint Triathlon was wet as well and chilly!  The water was not as cold as I thought but my feet got quite chilly on the bike and I was sore from the 8k the day before.  My running.....looked goofy, like I was the tin man. 

 The 1/2mile Open Water Swim Meet.  Oh Boy- I was late waking up,  got lost on the way there, literally parked the car, grabbed my goggles and ran to the pavilion to get numbered and capped.  I made it just in time and I placed 1st! 

The Greater Cleveland Triathlon is one of my faves, mostly because the swim is challenging.  However it was a safety concern, swim was canceled and this turned into a duathlon, 2 mile run, 14 bike, 2 mile run.  I placed in my age group, even after spending a bit of time in the restroom with tummy issues.  It happens!

The Perfect 10miler was pretty perfect.  We started at Beachwood place which was pretty fancy.  The route was great and it was organized really well, I enjoyed it though I had to pee so bad but didn't want to get behind.

The Akron Burn Rubber 10miler was pretty neat!  I barely made this race as well.  I parked, grabbed my stuff, raced to the corral and then started running.  The sun was a bit brutal.  We got to run around the rubber area thingy that the cars go on (I think?)  that was cool- though it was black-top rubber stuff with no shade but no complaints here! 

My favorite triathlon, Vermillion!  The race that popped my triathlon cherry many years ago.  I love the venue, the course, the fans, it's just great all the way around.  I missed 3rd place by a few minutes this year and came in 4th.   I was bummed because I felt that I could've placed 3rd had I not pushed it too hard the day before at Burning Rubber.  I'll share a funny story about my first tri at Vermillion in the future. 

My tri season usually ends after Vermillion and then I do a few runs but I just became obsessed with finishing these races.  I think I feel like I failed in some areas of my life and so pursuing the finish medals and shirts is making me feel like I am accomplishing something.  AND it's all up to me- no one can train me but  me.  But, I also LOVE the atmosphere and the people- each race brings so much positive energy I'm just happy to be able to participate.  I get to swim, bike, run.  It is a privilege! 

Leave no Trace Trail Half Marathon was a new one for me.  I felt like I've done the half distances a few times already so why not?  The course was beautiful and it was tough.  I was out there for at least 4 and half hours.  It was well worth the time and I will do it again!

This brings me to today's race.  Challenge Cedar Point, formerly known as Rev3 (Which I completed the half iron 70.3 distance at Rev 3 on Sept. 11, 2001, an AMAZING experience.)  The company is now Challenge family.  They have a sprint distance which I was to complete in addition to a kids triathlon on Saturday followed by the Full and Half Iron distances on Sunday.  Today's event did not go as planned, mother nature was cranky.  The swim got canceled and then the bike got canceled.  We ended up doing a 5k "fun" (not timed) run.  It was fun, we got to run along the beach and check out the wicked waves.  I will definitely do this race again.  Kuddos to the race organizers and volunteers,  ya'll were troopers!
I managed to organize and carry out a fundraiser for our fireworks, again raising over $15,000.  I didn't run this race but it certainly took a lot of time and great help from Peace Racing!  A busy couple of weeks, or months?  I don't know, is it labor day yet?  Time flew by but more adventurous stories to tell and more adventures to be had on the way.  My Type A and OCD personality really wanted to get current on my "race reports".  TA-DA!  AND I even missed 2 races due to a back injury :(  My friend's Rise and Shine 10k and then the Canton City 10k.... I'll get them next year!

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