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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, July 19, 2015

F.A.Q.'s / How do you do it?

Some frequently asked questions and statements:

1. Why are you still single? 
I have no idea?  How am I supposed to answer that?  Prince Charming's GPS isn't working?  I don't know.  I do know that I have never had a good/ healthy relationship.   In the past I was needy and as a result I ended up with narcissists, a sociopath, a psychopath, and a bunch of jerks.  I will never settle again and I have higher expectations.  I focused on furthering my education while most of my friends got married and started families.  I'd like to eventually start dating again and I thought I recently found a good match; however, it just doesn't fit for me right now.  I have a crazy schedule and I'm not willing to sacrifice a lot of things that I did in the past.  Bottom line, I don't freaking know.  Stop asking, it's an annoying question that I can't really answer. 

2. Statements that serve no purpose that are pet peeves
"You look tired" , "You look sick", "You look angry".  First, none of these statements serve a purpose, stop saying them.  My response is usually, "thank you, you too".  The statements should just not be said.  I have always received comments like, "you should smile more" or "why do you look so serious" (usually when I'm at work).  Most of the time I'm thinking and concentrating and working in my head, these actions result in a "focused/ concentrated face", don't take it personal...move along.   The best (most annoying) comment ever was from a coworker several years back who would ALWAYS pass my office as I was staring at my computer, either reading emails or figuring something out (you know, concentrating) and he would ALWAYS say, "smile".....No, I'm not always going to smile, especially when I'm working and/ or when I'm focused.   Who smiles at the computer during work?  No.  I'm a genuine person, I can't fake a smile it looks bad and obvious.  I will smile when I sincerely mean it.  Thank you for understanding. 

3. How do you do it all?
We ALL have the same amount of time.  We have the same amount of time as Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and our neighbor.  We have the same amount of time that Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and George Washington had.  We all have the same amount of time in a given day.  Understand that 1. I don't have kids, 2. I don't have a husband or boyfriend 3. I'm efficient and productive, I've never been a stand around the water cooler and gossip person.  4. I don't like to be bored or to waste time.  5. If I can't do it or if I can't dedicate myself 100% to something, I say "No".  It's good to say no, it's ok to say no. If you can't commit, just say no. 

With the above being said, I value efficiency and productivity.  I'm not a clock watcher, I like to work and get things done.  I remember one job I had at American Standard, I worked maintenance, 3rd shift, in the hottest department (the kiln department) over the summer through college.  My supervisor would give me a list  and I would be done in an hour or two, search him down and tell him I was done and needed more work.  He always said, "take a break, you're working too hard" or "take a nap" (yes seriously).  I cannot do that, it's not in my nature, it's boring, it makes the time go very slow.   The below was given to me when I left the job (made during their work time), I've always found it humorous on many levels.

I recently finished reading Tim Ferris's book, 4-Hour Work Week, and he made great points that illustrate how inefficient we have become since technology.  He provides examples on how much time we waste by unnecessary meetings that take up time, delegating tasks, and dedicating times for certain tasks such as checking voicemails and responding to emails and so much more!  I read this I thought, "wow! this is exactly how I have been operating!". 

Most importantly, I learn to go with the flow.  I schedule my week on Sundays and almost always it changes...... several times, I adapt, and I change with it.  I'm very accommodating to others but I also make time for myself.  Keeping myself healthy mentally and physically result in me being most efficient and productive as well as happy and preventing burnout. I schedule in daily things such as mediation, reading, writing, etc. and I use a timer for those tasks and I make it happen...which brings me to #4

4.  How/ why do you workout so much? 
All of my physical activities and hobbies are crucial to completing "Me".  Each regular activity I do serves a purpose from physical health to mental health, stress relief and providing focus and creativity.  I come up with my best ideas, responses, and so forth during a workout.  Each activity helps me in one or more of these ways and by also giving me the tools to face challenges, obstacles, burn-out, and so forth.  Spinning, Yoga, Swimming, Biking, Running, Trail Running, Triathlon, Strength Training, Aikido/ Self Defense and recently added, Stand Up Paddle boarding.  I'll go into detail with each activity in future blog posts.  I make time for these things because they make me a better person and help me function.  I'm also very organized and structured.  I don't waste time trying to find paperwork or things I need for a task or activity...

Bottom line is, if you want to do something you will make time for it.  I'm not perfect.  I miss workouts sometimes.  Some weekends I don't leave my couch, and that's ok.  Sometimes you just need to nap and stare at the TV.  I go with the flow and I listen to my body.  If I can do it, anyone can do it .  We all have the same amount of time. 

Be organized, be like water, be ok with saying no, make time for yourself, and believe, love, understand, and empower <3

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