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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Munroe Falls Sprint Triathlon 2015

Sunday June 21st I headed east for my 1st triathlon of this season, I was giddy to say the least!  I love the triathlon community and the sport.  I had originally signed up for Maumee Bay Tri but then learned that this one was the same day.  I switched to the Munroe Falls Tri because of the driving distance.  Both are great races but I had much to do that weekend and didn't want to waste too much time in the car. 

The swim went much better than expected.  I hadn't been swimming much and it was my first time in the open water since last season.  The water was a bit cooler than expected but no worries, I adjusted well.  The swim is an out and back.  I struggled to find my groove on the way out but once I turned the buoy I found my groove and kicked butt coming into the beach. 

The bike was challenging.  I assumed that all of my spinning sessions would help but this was also my first time on my road bike since last season.  There were lots of hills! I struggle on inclines.  I kept getting passed on the bike and was getting frustrated but I kept pushing through and forward. There was another female that I would pass on the downhill and she would pass me on the uphill, she kept me motivated. 

My run was great, I PR'd and felt fabulous.  My competition from the bike was gaining on me, passed me once, then I passed her and pushed myself to keep the lead.  I'm not usually competitive, I do these races for fun, the atmosphere, the accomplishment, and the great people.  I must say that I enjoyed the competition and she no doubt helped me PR'd.  She pulled back the last 1/2 mile as I sprinted through the finish line. 

I PR'd overall from the last couple of years.  My swim was stronger, the bike average was about the same, and my run was badass.  It was a really great race by Champ Racing.  I was elated to see so many familiar faces and new faces as well!

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