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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nashville Part TWO!

  The drive south was pleasant, little traffic and no tolls!  Upon reaching my hotel, I was informed that a shuttle service is provided for free (tips).  This was so great to hear as I hate driving in city traffic and I also wanted to enjoy some adult beverages and when I do, I don't drive.  I unpacked, freshened up, and jumped in the taxi first stop, Johnny Cash Museum!  On the way to my destination I was informed and then noticed that basically everything was within walking distance, my hotel was about a mile from downtown and I was advised not to walk to and from, a decision I challenged on the first night, Thursday. 

I was elated that I could be dropped off and let free to wander.  Thursday and Thursday night I basically walked around from destination to destination, soaking up the scenery and people watching while relaxing and not looking over my shoulder.  I felt free and safe!  I danced the night away. 

Friday was packet pick up and it was a day of rest and hydration.  I was really excited for the half marathon run, I felt prepared in an under-trained sort of way.  I'm not a cold weather runner so my running was slim but my cross training and strength training was plenty.  Saturday I woke up bright and early, though not too early because I paid for the $20 shuttle specifically for runners.  Totally worth it because there were so many people!

It took a while for my corral to get going because they staggered the start (by predicted finishing time) to help ease the congestion.  I was surprised and a bit irritated that our National Anthem was played while the 5k run took off and was happening.  I'm pretty sure all of the races I attended up to that point was very respectful of the National Anthem.  What seemed like a long time, (long enough time to build up a full bladder), we were off!  I had to pee so bad and used a porto potty within the first 2 miles but it was quick, no lines, and I didn't have to worry about that again! The weather was HOT and kind of running weather.  I had on my long sleeve shirt to start, knowing that I've had some chaffing issues under my arms with longer distance runs. 

I enjoyed the scenery, the cheering, and the music.  Around mile 8 I took my long sleeve shirt off as the sun started to beat down.  At mile 10 I stopped for Vaseline because the chaffing was so unbearable I couldn't move my arms.  Moving forward, I finally reached the finish line, grabbed my medal, some water, and headed to the shuttle area to get back to the hotel and showered.  There was a free (with race bib)  Martina McBride concert that night.

I knew the chaffing was bad but when I stepped in the shower I realized it was very, very bad.  It took my breath away.  I headed out for some food and fun before the concert, it ended up being a great sunny day! The concert was fun, afterwards I walked around looking for food but every single place had a long line for entrance.  I was really happy that I had my fun Thursday night because I don't like lines.  I called the shuttle to take me back to the hotel where I would grab a bite to eat and get to bed! 

I was really excited for Sunday, Yoga with Rachel Brathen!  What an amazing experience.  She is just how I imagined.  It was a challenging yoga practice, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't so sore.  Afterwards, we got autographs and a hug! I hope I can attend one of her retreats one day.  Afterwards, I was ready to head home.  I grabbed  a quick bite to eat and headed back to my room, ready to wake up at 4 and head out by 5am.  I was anxious to see Bruiser! 

I highly recommend the Nashville Country Music Marathon/ Half, it is a fun race and it is well organized! Nashville is a great place to visit, I will be going back.

Peace <3

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