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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cleveland Half Marathon and Candy Mountain Half Marathon

It was my intention that the Nashville Half Marathon would be my only long distance race for the season.  However, I love racing even though I'm not competitive and I enjoy the Half Marathon distance. 

May 17th I set out to run the Cleveland Rite Aid Half Marathon.  I've run this race a few times and so I was familiar with the location and course.  I wasn't as excited because I have done it before and I'm starting to enjoy races that are new to me.  The weather was overcast and humid, my kind of running weather!  I started our wearing my long sleeve shirt because I was terrified of chaffing again and felt that it helped to wear the long sleeves (for as long as I could).  The race was fun as always, unfortunately I had to stop and use the porto potty around mile 5ish.  While standing in line, I noticed that they were using water from the fire hydrants for the water stops.  Ugh, not something that is the best choice.  I carried my own water but because of the humidity I did have to refill my bottles a few times.  (Later made me feel a little sick). 

There is always something that stands out during races, the crowds, the signs, the runners.  I remember running and looking over to witness a fellow runner put in a dip (tobacco chew stuff), that's a first time seeing that, gross and odd.  At any rate, I headed into the last 3 or so miles which brought me to the shoreway which was a long stretch where there weren't many spectators and it seemed to never end.  I'm so glad the sun wasn't out otherwise it would have been much more uncomfortable with no shade.  I ended up taking my long sleeve shirt off around mile 11 and still ended up chaffing.  I was getting cranky because of the chaffing and because the road was uneven (I was probably cranky because I was also getting dehydrated and needed electrolytes)   Once we headed back "in town" it went by fast and I finished another Half Marathon!  I would have had a PR if I didn't waste 18 minutes in the restroom.  At any rate, I felt strong and enjoyed it!  Best race sign on the course, "You run better than your government"....awesome and yes! 

June 13th I decided to run the Candy Mountain Trail Half Marathon.  The race directors are super awesome (  The race benefited the Edna House for Women.  This was my first trail half marathon and it was for a great cause.   The weather was again perfect, humid and overcast with some rain. Again, I started out with my long sleeve shirt to prevent chaffing.  I really need to buy some new tops but until then.... The first 8.5 miles were awesome, I met some knew runners and chatted a bit.  I also loved the trails because they were new to me.  I headed out for the last 5miles which was part of the BBA50k loop- a race I DNF'd last November, but really enjoyed the infamous loop.  I struggled a bit on the last 5 miles and everyone that was behind me passed me. 
The water crossings felt amazing on my sore feet and I enjoyed the scenery.  I eventually finished (much longer than a road Half Marathon because trails are different).  I finished dead last, which I am ok, I was still under the cut off time and I had fun.  Upon finishing I was awarded with an awesome hydration pack...because " for enduring the race the longest" awesome and it really made my day!  I'm looking forward to running the Candy Mountain Half Marathon next year! 

I was supposed to race the LULA 5miler the next day (one of my faves for www.girlswithsole)  Alas, I hit the snooze button that Sunday morning and then woke up at 10am, I must have been tired! 

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