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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Electric Run 5k

I enjoy inspiring others and it's been my goal for years to expose people to the running/triathlon/yoga community.  Everyone has something different that they will enjoy but it's taking that first step that is the most important part.  My mom doesn't enjoy vigorous exercise or getting really sweaty and yucky so I invited her to watch me take a pilates class once.  She thought it looked fun, tried it, and is hooked!  I'm so happy that she found something healthy that she can also enjoy and she looks amazing. 

Over the winter I saw an ad for The Electric Run.  It is a 5k run but it is at night with lights, dance music, and a party afterwards!  My younger sister loves the dance music and she is for sure a night owl so I thought this would be perfect for her to try out.  I signed us up immediately! 

 I believe this was the first time it was held in the Cleveland area.  It took place at the Berea Fairgrounds on Friday June 20th.  There was quite a downpour beforehand and mud was a guarantee.  Luckily we left early enough that we didn't get stuck in the awful traffic jam heading into the run and festivities.  My sister's boyfriend and another mutual friend were able to join us as well (2 more newbies, yay!).  After waiting around to meet up with friends we decided to head on in and take our place in line. 


The run was very muddy but we all had a blast.  We ran, walked, slid around in the mud, laughed and everyone finished!  It's really great to have friends and family do something fun and healthy with me.  I'm not sure if they are all in love with running 5k's now but it was great that they tried something new and we all had a blast!

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