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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Monday, July 7, 2014

Munroe Falls Triathlon

Saturday June 14th I completed the Munroe Falls Triathlon.   I ran around in the morning after waking up late,  throwing things in my triathlon bag and car, printing directions, and forgetting my coffee.  If this was my first triathlon I would have been in complete panic mode.  I made it on time, with a little detour of course. 

I like this triathlon because it is fairly small and it is a nice course.  The swim is in a small lake so the water is warm and I don't need a wetsuit.  The start was a bit of a challenge because we were swimming into the sun, I couldn't see, and the ladies were pretty aggressive.  Once turned around I found my groove and headed in toward the beach exit.  The bike course was nice.   This was the first time I was on my road bike since last year.  Thankfully everything had been tuned up and I survived. Once the laps were complete I headed back into the park and out into the run.  This was also my first brick workout of the season and my legs sure did feel like bricks; alas, I felt strong. 

The run was pleasant and I felt good.  We ran 2 laps within the park.  It was a smooth race, nicely organized by Champ racing. 

My times were pretty consistent from the last time I raced, a little bit slower in each leg but the run. By slower, I mean by a couple of minutes so I'm not that upset.  My goal this year is to just participate and complete.  Mission accomplished. 

Pre race photo.  Love that I was given the number 13.  I felt like this was a sign of not giving up after 2013, one of the crappiest years ever.  I dedicated this race to Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 and all of the people responsible for that day. 
The aftermath :)  

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