Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fueling my fire

My amazing journey continues to move forward despite all of the challenges, obstacles, and regardless of those people who continously try to throw out interferences.  I'm greatful for the cesspool of unhappy, jealous, bored people.  If it was easy it would not be fun. 

I had an amazing trail run Saturday.  The serenity, focus, and balance that such activities create is truly wonderful.  After a week of listening to all of the negative chatter and weak efforts from those trying to knock me down, nothing gets me back to the present like a run in the woods. 

During activities such as running I'm able to block out the intimidation, the fear, the doubt, and all negativity.  I feel empowered running through mud, between trees, and over rivers.  I feel empowered swimming in the open water or hour after hour in the pool.  I feel empowered on my long bike rides, alone with no direction and free to turn wherever I want.  I feel empowered pushing my body further than those who say that I'm too young, not smart enough, I'm out-numbered, I'm just a girl.  I feel empowered testing my mental limits and stepping outside of my comfort zone. 

When the poor unfortunate souls challenge me, oppose me, or hurt me, I feel empowered because I know that they will not get to me.  I know that I am strong and I know that I can do anything. 

I love running in the woods :) it's one of the things I do to block out the negative voices... you're too young, you're not smart enough, you won't be able to do it, you're outnumbered, the odds are against you, you're not skinny enough, you're just a girl... blah blah blah. Here, in moments like these I'm reminded that YES, I CAN!

Each time I reach that point where I start to feel the fear creeping in, the self-doubt itching to take over, and I notice how far away from my comfort zone I've traveled, I'm reminded that I am doing the right thing, I'm on the right path, and I'm living my life to its fullest - Me

Today, Sunday, I swam to raise money for a wonderful organization, Girls with Sole.  I was surronded by amazing people, donated $300 and swam 130 laps.  It felt amazing to get back in the water. 

I know that as long as I Believe, Love, Understand, and Empower my fire is fueled and I will succeed and I will be happy.   

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