Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bah Love Hum Bug

Whatever the reason this year's Valentine's Day is extra annoying/ depressing.  I've never had a good V-day. In 5th grade I grabbed the wrong end of my curling iron while trying to watch my sister and do my hair, it hurt like hell all day long.  I've been dumped on V-day (of course the guy was a ding dong any way but it's the point of being dumped on V-day).  I've never had any type of romantic gestures, no surpirses, no flowers.  Nothing.  Oh, wait...I did send myself flowers when I was in High School, in fact I think I sent myself 2 sets at one point. 

No matter how confident and great of a catch you are, it's still annoying and depressing on during this time of year when you are singled out for being single.  In addition to this heart-filled, red painted day, the fact that it appears that every man you meet or see has a ring.  Are there any single guys left?  Anywhere?  Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Ok, ok I got my complaining out of the way......

I love my jobs, all of the amazing opportunities I have been given and I love all of the opportunities coming my way.  I love my strength, courage, and perserverance.  I love my family and Bruiser.  I absolutely love helping others and I truly love being able to make a positive difference in anyone's life and hopefully in this world.  I love making people smile and I love challenges.  I love fighting for what is right and I love standing up against any type of bully.  I love growing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  I love learning.  I love all of my dear friends and teammates.  I love the Village in which I live and I love having the chance to enhance the community I love.  I love being able to give to those who oppose me, despite me, or challenge me and I hope they will find love at some point in their life so that they understand that hate, spite, and violent opposition are wasteful, useless, and exhausting feelings and actions.  Last but not least I love that I still have hope in finding that true, unconditional, passionate love that corinthians refers to in the above poem.  Without that hope in love I'm not sure how my life would progress.

I love all of you supporters or stalkers who read my blog- thank you for your interest regardless of intention. 

After all, LOVE is a very important part to B.L.U.E. for it's the next step after Believe. 

I hope everyone had a BLUE Valentine's Day! 

A huge thanks to fellow bloggers, ROJ Running and Runningwhit, This year's Valentines gift :) 

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