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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rx B.L.U.E

Recently I came down with a horrible fever and abdominal pain.  After two feverish nights, I went to the doctor's office on Friday morning and she admitted me to the hospital.  These things never happen on Mondays.  I was a complete mess- emotional for so many reasons and I was really upset.  I have not taken antibiotics since I had uterine polyps removed in Feb. 2010 and I hadn't taken any 2 years prior to that.  I do not believe in meds, I think hosptials make people more sick and I believe it's all mental.  I know that my mind frame wasn't right and that's probably how this illness got out of hand. A few steps back...

Arriving at the hospital, I was so frustrated, missed my dog, my bed, and having control over my life.  I did not want to sit in another room with another sick person, listening to beeping noises all day, in a gown, and staring at a wall.  I had a weekend full of training and landscaping. 

At any rate, I was hooked up to the antibiotics via IV in addition to water that water stuff is.  Of course, going to the hospital is a hurry up and get there to wait experience. After being hooked to IV's (my arms look like I was on a IV drug binge this weekend) for 24 hours my fever subsided.  I had a few tests done and I think I have 2 possibly unrelated issues.  Nothing is resolved but a possible diagnosis and the need for more follow up work.  My gypsy veins cannot wait to be poked again.  Of course, Elyria Memorial Hospital is a great Hospital and I was in great hands. 

I am very grateful to be home; however, I'm not someone who can sit still- especially during summer! And especially during tri season.  I'm worried about my training, I haven't done anything since last Tuesday and I've noticed this affecting my emotnional health and sleep.  The half Rev3 is coming up fast and I have another Triathlon coming up August 8th, I certainly hope I can get back on the training 

I'm really greatful that Alicia and Janet stopped by to see me and I'm happy that my mom and brother stopped by as well. I know I'm cranky when I'm sick but it was really appreciated.  I also was reminded how greatful I am that I do have the ability to swim, bike, and run and I have my limbs, and my overall health.  I'm very greatful that I don't have to spend any more days in the hosptial while many others spend weeks at a time laying down hooked up to IV's.  I will not take my freedom to move forgranted!

I'm going to get my mind right, fuel my body with vitamins and good food, steer clear of negativity and fight whatever is going on my way while everyone else runs their tests and figures out what's going on their way. 

Rx......Believe Love Understand Empower

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  1. Wow crazy few days. Hope whatever they find is easy to fix/control and you're back out there feeling like yourself again.