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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Dating Game

A few months ago I felt that I wanted to date and look for eligible bachelor's and true love.  My Mom bought me a dating package through It's Just Lunch- "a dating service for busy professionals".  Since I was trying to be open and more social for 2011, I said sure....why not? All I have to do is meet guys at a restaurant and if we hit it off we can exchange numbers, if problem. 

I was so nervous with Date #1- I had no idea what to expect and I hadn't dated anyone decent before so I was questioning myself and wasn't sure I was what the guy would want, etc.  Well, this guy reminded me of Christian Bale from American Psycho- really weird- not as good looking- just the weird part lol.  I gave him my number but didn't pursue anything and didn't answer when he called.  Date #2 was a disaster, the guy was unattractive, uninteresting and the service at the restaurant was horrible.  Date #3 was too stuffy, I gave the waiter my number though, but he never called.  Date #4 was actually decent but he was too short and he had children. I probably would have gone on more dates with him but he never called. Date #5was also decent.  We exchanged numbers and I was to go on a second date with him; He wanted to take me to an arena football game, dinner and a party with his friends- um, hello? too much for a second date! I asked to reschedule because I had other committments that weekend with racing.  He made some "poor me" comment to try to get me to change my mind comment and I was totally turned #6 talked and talked and talked- my eyes were cross by the time the date was over.   Date #7 was horrible- repeat of Date #2.  Date #8 was weird and seemed a bit off.  I also dated another guy around this time but it just didn't feel right for many reasons.  Finally I gave my phone number to a really gorgeous, nice guy that I had a crush on for months.  It was embarassing but I was tired of not going anywhere and thought, why not.  So I gave him my number in a non threatening way lol.....and he never called.  Oh well. 

After all of this dating I decided I don't want to date.  I have no fears of being hurt or rejected- one guy felt this was part of my "problem".  Which drove me crazy because it's ridiculously wrong and everything I've said to him was completely misinterrupted.   I simply don't want to date. I don't want a relationship.... I don't want to share my house, my bed, my toothpaste.  I don't want to date....I don't like going out and meeting strangers and then sitting through a 2 hour dinner....I 'd rather be training or reading or doing whatever I want because I can.  I want no strings. I want to be able to go do something without having to check in or check a schedule. I want to travel when I want and just worry about myself.   I don't want children at this point in my life.  I want to give my all to myself and to things I am passionate about. Maybe when I find that someone special, my feelings will change...but until then...then answer is no, unless of course you are Indiana Jones or that guy from Hawaii Five-0 lol- then I will totally reconsider and give it a try!

Dear Prince Charming,

Rain check please?  I'm just not interested right now. 

Thank you!

A Blue Bird, in Native American, symbolizes Happiness.  I also like how this bird and her wings are spread- ready to fly and be free.  I'm happily ready to fly and be free ....

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