Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2011 resolutions check in and add on

In December of 2010, I made some resolutions for the year.  July is a half- way point and so I'd like to check in and see if I'm on track.....

1. Read a book each month- so far I'm up to 6 books so I'm on track (book reviews coming soon)
2. Being more open and social- check! Since January I have met so many amazing people and have gone to many events and gatherings.  This was a wonderful resolution that I will keep going!
3. Races- 5k under 30 minutes- check! lose 15 more pounds- ugh, not yet but I gained a few lol.  My first Sprint Distance will be in August and I tried an Olympic distance already- check! I have not used a wet suit...yet.  I completed a 10k and half marathon...check!
4. Camping....check!
5. White water rafting...check! and doing again in September, cannot wait!
6. signing up at least 150 people for the Red Cross 5k...didn't happen but there is always next year!
7. more patience, more running, more water, less spending and more saving, less worrying and second guessing myself..... still working on it, check, check, still working on it, still working on it, check and check
8. ride my Harley more- well, it still doesn't start.  Hoepfully my friend will come through and fix it like he said :/
9. new entertainment center- I would like to remove this one, after more thinking...I think it would be best to save more and then one I have hasn't fallen apart yet so, why spend the money?
10. Cross Country Skiing- hopefully I can do this in December, I have the location lined up!
11. 2 fundraising events this year..... still working on the TNT fundraiser- PLEASE DONATE and help me out! and I met my fundraising goal for Girls with Sole...check!

As I wrapped up 29 and rang in 30 I thought of a few more that I would like to add.....

12. do more things that scare me
13. be myself! This is really hard still.... I'm conflicted with years of do this, don't do that, say this, don't say that.....this will take practice and courage!
14. De-Clutter! I really want to get rid of stuff and have more room!
15. Sleep more!
16. Give Thanks
17. Gossip less- I'm not a big gossip but I do know that I can still cut back in this area!
18. Find the Good- I really need to work on finding the good in things and being more mindful of others.  I get so frustrated sometimes and I would like to become more aware of my negative feelings and squash them!
19 Happiness and Gratitude journal- each day I want to write down 1 thing that made me happy and 1 thing that I'm grateful for EVERY day.  I will post on this blog or on the BLUE facebook page. 

so....half way through 2011 and I'm still B.L.U.E.....

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