Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Thursday, July 7, 2011

BLUE's Soundtrack Volume 29-30

I love music- all kinds of music.  Music helps motivate and inspire me! I love music for the beat, the lyrics, and/ or for the message.  I've put together a list of songs that help portray my last year. Songs that represent what I was going through, what helped me get through rough times, and songs that move me.

because everyone saw the trouble ahead but me- it happens, I live and learn

I couldn't listen to this song for a while but once I could I felt that I could relate to this song

but eventually I saw the sign

After I went to Mexico in November- I came back really depressed. I got out of the city and really enjoyed it, I wanted to go back to the simpleness

because this song always picks me up and I was in the middle - realized that it was only in my head

Because I met a ton of new, amazing friends- they gave me and still give me energy and positive people give me hope!

because I will hold on hope.....  I love these lyrics- so powerful and meaningful to me!

another one with great lyrics that helped me realize that it's ok to mess up, that's alright - the lyrics represent many years in my life :)

this song is so powerful and my soul needed to wake up, and my weakness I needed to show!

this song just reaches inside me and brings out my strength- I love it, the beat, the lyrics, the message! Go Eminem!

because you gotta keep your head up!

I love this beat and the song is about changing, which I've been doing a of lately.  and because I've heard enough of it....

this song reminds me of my dating experiences- something totally new for me

because I'm trying to figure out how to go my own way!

one of my faves- especially after all of this dating! I really just want to hang with my little guy, Bruiser and the more guys I meet the more I love my dog!

oh this song is my theme song lol. here I go again on my own.....

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