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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Out!

Call me a birthday brat, but every year I always take time off around my birthday.  It's typically a slow time at work anyway.  I typically do things I enjoy and disconnect emails, etc.  This year I decided to head to the mountains for some white water rafting, kayaking, and relaxation with Bruiser.  The first two are on my 2011 resolution list. 

Monday July 4th I arrived.  Bruiser was great- he just sat in his "bucket" and stared at me or napped.  As soon as I arrived at the condo, I felt relief.  No cable, no people, no bars, no distractions! I read from the book, The Happiness Project, I took notes, did some thinking and reflecting, napped and wrote.  It was perfect. 

Tuesday July 2nd I headed to Ohiopyle for some kayaking.  Wow- the scenery is amazing, the atmosphere and simpleness is perfect- this is just what I wanted! The water was a bit low which made for some extra rapids and a bumpy ride.  My guide was a graphic desinger, recently laid off and is now doing what he loves every day.  At one part of the river, I tipped and flipped over in the 60 degree water.  Wow, brrrr.  I was amused and laughed it off- I have no problem getting wet and muddy! The entire trip was peaceful and at times challenging.  Most of the guides boat in the summer and then ski in the winter.  It's simple, outdoors, and they are doing what they love! How can I do the same? Hmm...

After heading back to the condo I read, wrote, napped, and thought.  Perfect day!

Wednesday July 3rd I headed back to the water for some white water rafting.  I was solo and therefore jumped in with another boat.  I chose a family of 5 from Franklin PA.  At first I wasn't so sure about the group and the "captain" they chose- as he immediately tried to baby me.  I guess I just have that young, naive look. 

The trip was a blast, the rapids, rocks, scenery was awesome!

That evening I made my way to a bar for some pizza, downed some beers, came home and napped!

The whole trip was perfection, it was very difficult to come home to the craziness.  However, I was able to reflect on issues that have been bugging me, I updated my bucket list, made some resolutions for the big 3-0, and outline the book that I want to write. 

Oh, and I learned how to downshift :)

Stepping back for a bit and taking time to think without distractions helps give better UNDERSTANDING to any nagging issues, feelings, and confusion!

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