Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Run for Help and Recharging in the Gray Area

The Lorain County American Red Cross held their 2nd 5k race today.  As organizer and Chair of this event it was my goal to have 150 runners/ walkers sign up this year.  Unfortunately we didn't meet that goal but the race turned out well and there is always next year! This item was on my to do list for 2011 and since I didn't meet the goal, I'm kinda bummed.  I'm also bummed that I missed my long run and my long bike this week. I have a long brick workout scheduled for tomorrow; if nothing else, I will be well rested for this and hoepfully it will go great!

I've been feeling tired and it felt like I was getting sick so I opted to take it easy and recharge.  I used to have an extrememly black and white personality- there was never any gray area.  I would either be all one way or all the other way....I'm learning to have that gray area and I'm learning to not get carried away when I dont meet a goal or if I miss a workout.  It's ok, it happens! I'm learning that the gray area is good and being a one way or the other or black or white person is not healthy. 

With that said, it's also very easy to get sidetracked with peer pressure and until very recently I found myself having a little too much fun.  I believe that having fun is great but when it takes a toll on the body physically and mentally- that is not so great. I need to remember nutrition and sleep are very important during the endurance season! Also,  In addition to the gray area, I'm also learning balance. Balance between work, extra curricular, training, and a social life.  I believe this is something that takes a lot of time and trial and error but I'm determined to make everything work! 

In the coming weeks I will be doing my first Olympic distance triathlon, wrapping up signatures for the petition of Mayor, 2 dates with Friends, 2 blind dates, a meeting for the Grafton Business Association, a Red Cross Meeting, a Rotary meeting and a job laying mulch.  All within 2 weeks!

I have a great few weeks planned in July and I'm really excited to be turning 30- another milestone! July will kick off with a big get together with my spinning friends, a bonfire party, the 4th of July and then I leave for a  solo white water rafting, kayaking, hiking vacation planned for Bruiser and I- I cannot wait for a change of scenery and more adventure! I'm really excited with so many great things going on in my life and I feel very blessed and greatful for such amazing opportunities, friends, and courage!

It's very important to be able to keep the balance, the happiness, and the health all while staying on track!
I hope you all are Believing, Loving, Understanding, and Empowering......and remember, the gray area is the place to be!

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