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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today I ran the LULA 5k- it was a beautiful day for an amazing organization led by an amazing woman!

The Girls with Sole program is incredibly important and the need is urgent.

Imagine being a girl under the age of 18 suffering from any kind of abuse or trauma and having no where to turn. What would you do? Would you over- eat? Do drugs? Act out sexually? Cut yourself so that the physical pain masks t...he emotional pain? What is your outlet? Do you have anyone to talk to? Are there any role models? The girls in the Girls with Sole program are given another option.....

Statistically girls who are abused or suffer a traumatic experience turn towards negative behavoirs in order to deal with their anger, depression, and grief.

Girls with Sole provides a FREE program for these girls to release their negative behavoirs through exercising and self- esteem building. Girls with Sole helps provide free shoes, jog bras, and other needed items to help these girls focus on a positive future and gives them tools to deal with the not so good feelings they are experiencing. During their time they get to see and interact with positive role models. They get to release their emotions through physical activity which also boosts confidence. The girls in the Girls with Sole program learn that they are not alone and they learn how to become confident and set goals for a good future.

There is a HUGE need for Girls with Sole- the amount of girls who are suffering and need attention is devastating.

I'm so honored to help support this amazing organization

Girls with Sole Rocks!

Thanks Liz for all you do, you're my hero!

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