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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Warrior came out to play!

Friday June 3rd I went camping for the first time and it was a blast.  I was with some really amazing friends and Grunt Girl Teammates.  I was able to get to our campsite around 6pm.  My tent was still in the box and I had help putting it up, which was totally appreciated because I had no idea what to do! Catching up with everyone and having a few beers was tons of fun.  The Viking Blood kicked my booty! I believe I crashed in my tent at some point- no idea what time it was.  Not having a watch or a clock or lights for that matter was really refreshing.  Did I mention no cell phone service? Even better! What a great escape from work.  I also went pee in the woods for the first time, in the dark.  hee hee Thank god I have no poison ivy!

Saturday I woke up in a daze and it took me a minute to figure out where I was.  I love waking up to birds chirping and the sun rising- it's amazingly beautiful.  As a few people headed out for the Warrior Dash, a small group of us made our way out as well.  Having no idea what to expect and after getting a little bit lost we were panicked and anxious when arriving at the Warrior Dash. 

Once we arrived at the site, I was able to find a few Grunt Girls and we regrouped.  I could not believe how many people showed up to this all day crazy party! Wow. Feeling a bit hung over from Viking Blood, I was a little nervous and it felt like I was walking sideways. 

Jess and I started our wave.  Of course she was way ahead of me, I was slowly making my way up the hill...that......just....kept......climbing.....ugh.  The dive into the water felt pretty good after the climb.  I ran with an army group- thinking one of the guys could carry me if I needed it down the trail lol.  I'm always thinking ahead! knocked my way through tires, over cars, and other obstacles. 

As we're moving along everyone comes to a stop and I notice that we have to crawl through some sort of tunnel - no idea what to call it but it was enclosed, dark, and full of people.  Hello Claustrophobia, how are you? Mind over matter, don't think about it, just do it and don't panic.  About half way through some guy yelled "snake!"  really? I'm pretty sure that's like yelling fire in a movie theatre but thankfully no one, not even I, panicked.  I think I may have cursed at him a little though.  I finished the obstacle! Yay, take that fear!

Moving along, I run down a hill and holy crap- there is a wall - the cargo climb.  I recently learned that I'm terrified of heights when I was climbing on rocks at Lake Erie.  I literally freeze and can't move or breathe.  Approaching the wall I start to get uneasy and a little shaky . I thought to myself, I have to do this, I will regret not doing everything and I'll look like an ass.  I started to climb and I swear I have no idea how I held onto those ropes.  I had to really focus and tell my brain to move my legs and my arms.  I made it to the top and froze for a bit- I was terrified of climbing over to the other side.  There was another young girl next to me in tears because she was so scared.  So I focused on helping her get over and that gave me strength to climb over as well.  I thought, this poor girl, I don't want her to freak so I have to suck it up and do this so that she can too!  Whew, I made it and if there weren't hundreds of people cheering I would have made out with the ground.  The next obstacle was the planks which was easy but it was made more difficult because I was still shaking from that climb.  Wow.

I was really stoked that I did it and that it was over with- moving along...

Finishing a few more obstacles, I was feeling confident and having fun.  And then..... holy shit, another wall? Are you kidding me?  This wall was straight up with a knotted rope that  we had to climb over.  Really? I have to face my fear of heights twice?  I remember being terrified that my hands wouldn't be able to grip the ropes and I wouldn't be able to pull myself up and over.  I compare the feeling to hypoglycemia- everything feels weak and hazy...... But, it's amazing what your body can do when it's tested.  I climbed over and felt like I was going to pass out my legs were so weak from the fear.  Again, I love you ground. 

Everything else was great, the last two obstacles were my favorite...jumping over fire and then crawling through the mud to the finish!

What an awesomely, crazy experience! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to camp and I'm so glad I signed up for the dash!  Moving out of my comfort zone and facing fears can be fun!

Friday and Saturday were the days that the Warrior in me came out to play and I liked it ! I really liked it!

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