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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cleveland 10 miler 4/23/2011

Reaching double digits in my run training was pretty awesome, even more awesome then reaching double digits in my bra size. 

I was early to the race- early as usual.  I'm always afraid I'll get lost or something will happen so I plan on always being early to everything.  I barely slept the night before for fear of oversleeping and pre race nerves.  I woke up early and did my pre race routine and out the door I went. 

The weather was actually pretty nice.  Thank God it wasnt a torrential downpour like the rest of the week.  I hung out in the car for a bit and then finally decided to head up the hill and get ready.  I'm so glad I ran into several running friends- they helped calm my jitters. 

I had no idea what to expect- this was the longest race I've ran and the longest mileage to date.  The start of the race was pretty stiff, maybe I should warm up a little bit longer next time. The adrenaline was bonkers and it took a good 3 miles to get settled in and calmed down.  I finally got into my groove and started soaking everything in and felt really focused.  I remember all of my friends' advice- drink water even though you don't feel that you need it and don't go out hard, relax and fuel.  Coming into the half way point was a lot of fun- it was at this time that all my fast running friends turned around and were heading back.  I ran close to the center line and waved and cheered them all on as they passed.

Reaching mile 5 seemed really easy and enjoyable- I was thinking, piece of cake and wow last year this seemed so impossible at the same time. 

After the turn around I was pretty warmed up - literally- and felt my face getting red- damn face gets red for everything! When I talk to cute guys, when I'm given attention, when I try to lie, when I'm embarrassed, when I'm hot, when I'm mad- for damn near everything.  I don't have a poker face, I have a blushing face. 

Heading back I kept calm and steady- stopping at every water stop.  Once I reached mile 8 I picked up the pace a little bit but made sure I wasn't overdoing it at that point.  Mile 8 went by fast thanks to the turns.  I saw that mile 9 sign and started to get choked up again- geesh- will I get choked up every time I add a mile to my run? (See previous post, Teary Eyed Run).  I passed the mile 9 sign and started to really pick up the pace.  I was running pretty hard and pretty strong. One thing that I've always been taught in sports and in life is to finish strong.  I must have passed 30 people easily.  I didn't understand why people were just cruising in- my thinking was balls to the wall, and finish strong!

If I hadn't been hauling ass that last mile I probably would have been a blubbering baby.  The speed helped me focus and not choke up. I love hearing all of the screaming and cheers as I run in to a finish line- it's such an awesome sound. 

And so I finally crossed the finish line in 1:43- not too bad for a rookie. 

It was a great race- I met 2 more Grunt Girls, ran into many friends, the weather was great, my legs worked and I was on time. 

Next year it will be really fun to see how much I improve :)

Through B.L.U.E I finish strong


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