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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

What do you get the most amazing thing on its birthday?  

I love nature.  I long for periods of time spent immersed in the wilderness.  I'm overwhelmingly sensitive to human sounds and energy.  I desperately need time spent away with no sounds of cars, horns, people chatting, notifications beeping....I need time away in places that are not polluted by human noise.  Spending time in nature unplugged, disconnected from social media, texting, calls, emails, and distractions is what keeps me grounded.  Time in nature makes me feel alive, silences my mind, allows me to be present, and makes me feel more connected to living than anything or anyone else. 

Solitude in nature is heaven on earth.  As soon as I reach a trail-head a long, loud sigh of relief escapes from my often clenched mouth.  A genuine smile appears as feelings of relief, peace, and joy overwhelm me. I feel giddy and childlike.  The brain fog lifts, the heaviness is gone, and the happiness returns.   Running, hiking, and exploring the woods reconnects me to life, earth, and the universe.  I am replenished.  

Time in nature is what I imagine it feels like to fall in love, to receive an embrace from a loved one that has passed on.  Though I am single and often alone, I can always connect with nature. It's been painfully difficult for me to connect with people.  The few times in the past when I thought I had been blessed with a connection it always turned out to be a cruel duping. I took a detour on my way to grocery shop and stopped by Rocky River Nature Center.   Ironically, as I walked from parking lot to trail, up the stairs,  around the trail and back not one person made eye contact.  It feels like people are so desperate for connection yet so closed off to notice the possibilities for connection all around, like self absorbed zombies.   Loneliness is like a gnawing hunger and nature is an endless and bountiful garden. When humans fail, seek nature.    

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