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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Slip slidin' ok

Sunday morning I energetically woke up ready to enjoy the day.  First on my list was early morning yoga.  I sweat a lot.  People say that they sweat a lot, they lie.  I really for really real sweat a lot.  It pours from my head so much that I wonder if some contraption could be designed to catch that sweat and recycle it for water, it seems like such a waste.  I have yet to find a really good non slip yoga mat. I've tried them all, I've tried with towels, with yogi towels, etc.  It just doesn't work, I sweat. 

I had the opportunity to try a new non slip yoga mat Sunday morning.  It was a disaster.  I was slipping everywhere, it was quite frustrating.  The yoga teacher guided us into Warrior 2 pose, then reverse....

my front leg then slipped forward so much that I almost did the splits....I yelled out, "shit!" in class.  Everyone got a chuckle of course.  I was hesitant to continue class afraid that I would slip into a position that I would not be able to recover from, like the splits. 

As I continued practicing, I was extra cautious.  But then I remembered something.  I have slipped in life many times, I've lost grip, I've made mistakes.  Bouncing back was always the most difficult part. 

It's ok to slip, it's part of the process of life.  We slip, we fall, sometimes we fall flat on our face.  But we get up, we wipe it off and we continue.  This can be scary, being afraid to try again or to keep going but we do, that's how we continue to improve.  Future falls and slips become easier, we get up faster, we shake it off faster. 

It's ok to slip, just get back up and keep trying.  Try a different approach, try a different mat, just keep trying. 


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