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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Friday, April 3, 2015

St. Malachi Church Run 5miler

Saturday March 14th I completed my 4th 5mile race for the St. Malachi Church.  This race is a local favorite, the first race of the season, a sure sign of spring and of course St. Patrick's Day.  This year I asked my friend Janet to join me and run her first 5miler.  It was a brisk morning, I misread the start times and therefore us two "Graftonites" made our way downtown earlier than.....everyone else.  We got a great parking spot and were able to hang out at a local pub and chat with other early birds and spectators. 

I was super excited for this race this year.  It had been a long, depressing winter and I was ready to see how my winter training worked. After several trips to the bathroom, a brew for my friend and a coca cola for me we both ventured toward the start line.  And then.....we were off! 

I felt strong and giddy, race season began! I was overdressed as usual and about half way through I discretely removed my middle layer of clothing, while running.  This is a technique I have perfected over the years from swim team and soccer practices.  I hauled ass back in, finished strong, gave it my all and ended up with a finish time of 56:24 (11:17/mile).  Just a little bit slower than last year's time (this year I was carrying a few more pounds).  I was pleased with my time and spent the rest of the day rocking my medal. 

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