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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Monday, October 20, 2014

2nd annual 1mile Heart to Heart Dog Walk

A couple of years ago Bruiser and I attended a community event featuring a dog walk that raised funds for domestic violence.  A walk for dogs that supports a great cause?  What a great idea!  I rounded up some amazing people and organizations to see if we could make this happen in our own community. 

This year was the 2nd annual Heart to Heart 1 mile dog walk.  All of the proceeds benefited the Friendship Animal Protective League.  We had another great turn out, lots of prizes, and great weather. 

Bruiser's favorite place to visit for daycare, swim lessons, grooming, and such is Forever Friends Pet Care Center in Grafton Township.  They did an amazing job organizing and collecting vendors and finding sponsorships. 

It was a dog gone great event! 

Sometimes we have an idea but we can't do all the's great having a network of amazing people to help carry out ideas, working together to support a great cause <3

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