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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Monday, September 8, 2014

Milton Man Triathlon

June 29th I raced the Milton Man triathlon, completing the sprint distance.  I got little sleep the night before due to a cook- out.  I had a blast with friends but didn't get as much sleep as I needed.  It was a rainy morning, I can't believe I even got out of bed.  I threw everything together, jumped in my car, and headed east.  I was kind of hoping this race would be called and then I could snuggle back into bed.  Alas, I showed up and was informed that there was a little bit of a delay.  No worries, I showed up, I'm going to do this. 

The swim start was different than previous years.  Most swim starts (the races I have completed) are beach starts.  This one, we walked to the end of a dock and jumped in.  This made me giggle the entire time.  When I first took office, the temporary email password I had been given was "jump in a lake".  I realized that I had not jumped in a lake since receiving that password. I was excited about the jump. 

The swim was nice and calm, not too bad for hardly having completed any swim training.  My legs were sluggish on the bike but I enjoyed it overall, the course is a loop 2 laps to be completed for the sprinters.  The run went well.  My overall time was pretty close to the previous time I completed this race, the bike was a couple of minutes slower this year.  I was happy with the race and very happy that I showed up. 

Thanks to Mickey Ryzmek of North Coast Multisports for snapping this picture of me after I crossed the finish line.  Thanks Mickey! 

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