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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Free to be me in 2013

I learned a lot in 2012, more than I expected.  I'm so thankful that I was able to take a desperately needed break and get away.  I became so burned out that I became really nasty, impatient, and unproductive.  Some people feel that they need to run themselves into the ground so much that they become useless.  I'm a strong believer in happy worker, more productive worker.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take a break for all of 2012 and half of 2011...Life comes at you fast, right?  I totally thought I could handle it but I couldn't.  I see so many miserable people, so desperate to share their busy-ness and miserable-ness with the world, in such desperate need of accolades, or some sort of medal for what they do on a day to day basis.  My apologies but I don't believe in such.  I believe in working hard and playing hard.  I believe in doing what's right, being honest, and letting go of what you cannot control.  Taking care of ourselves makes us more productive and to actually work and be productive is rare.  Most of the time workers spend their time complaining about how busy and stressed they are that they actually become less productive. 

I needed time off and I needed to let loose and let be, it makes me more productive and more healthy.  Happy worker, more productive worker! However with the new roles, I wasn't able to achieve this until the end of 2012.  And sweet baby cheeses, I had a blast (on my time off during the holidays)  but that's another blog post.

I thought I learned everything in 2011; 2012 gave me an amazing wake up call and taught me a ton of lessons.  I hear you 2012, I have leave me alone, let me move on, and let me!

for 2013, I want to keep my goals simple....

1.  To run 1,000 miles. 
2. To run my first trail race- 25k
3. to raise over $3, 000 for Girls with Sole
4. to love myself more and to be more confident
5. to not doubt my gut and to stand up more for what is right, don't hold back and don't be intimidated!
6. to "perform" at an open mic night- to recite a poem or whatever on stage- I want to read my first ever blog post, forgive and forget.  This will be a challenge but I want to do it!
7. to finish my MBA....finally!
8. to start an anti- bullying program through BLUE
9. to start one of the books I want to write ( I have a list of 3 that I want to write)
10.  sing karokee with my sister at least 12 times this year.
11. to face a really big sky diving
12. go on a solo camping trip
13. to do at least 12 really good deeds

2013 is all about being free to be me, letting go, having courage, facing fears, and being happy :) I have blessed to have met some really amazing people during the holidays and I'm looking forward to growing those frienships.  I eliminated my crazy ass 4 am wake up during the week for gym-time and moved it to afternoons and I can have fun!

Like Ellie Goulding says in her song.....I know it's goin to be alright. 

Life is tough, make sure you live it!

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