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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Friday, August 10, 2012

An Action Packed Weekend

This past weekend was a super busy weekend but the craziness was welcomed to help get my mind off of everything.
Saturday August 4th I ran in the Our Lady Queen of Peace 5k.  I ran a little bit over 33 minutes on 5k trail run, I tried to hold back a little bit in anticpation of the Greater Cleveland Triathlon the next day.  It was great to participate in another community event!

I left the 5k to go assist our Police Department in their annual Golf Outing.  Another great time with many supporters. 

I left the golf outing and prepared to work my first PowerBar event.  I had to drive 2 hours to Salem for a 5k that started at 9pm, worked until 10:15 then headed back.  This 5k was a fabulous event.  Salem is a fairly small community and it was so great to hear how much this race has grown.  It was started several years back as a fundraising event to raise money for the school Track and Field.  This event involved the entire community and I really enjoyed seeing the efforts of everyone involved! I made it back in time to get to bed shortly after midnight. 
The Greater Cleveland Triathlon is another favorite race of mine that I have been completing for the last few years.  The water is usually rough and it surely was Sunday.  I was planning on doing the Olympic distance but because of my lack of sleep and spotty training I decided to do the sprint.  The swim was fun, I enjoyed the waves but it was a challenge.  I had a hard time swimming straight and got knocked around on the way in and on the way out of the lake.  The bike course was enjoyable as was the run.  It was a good race and as always I enjoyed seeing all of my friends out there.  Sadly, a first time triathlete had a terrible time with the swim portion and was brought out by fellow swimmers.  My heart goes out to his family. 

It was a weekend full of smiles and it was great to be so busy that my mind didn't have time to drive me nuts.  I'm going through a very rough time in every aspect of my life right now.  Some days I feel like laughing hysterically at all of the irony, ridiculousness, and challenges while other days I feel like curling up under the covers and not coming out. 

Believe Love Understand Empower!

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