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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2 triathlons, a 5k, and some fireworks

Over the last week and a half I completed 2 sprint triathlons, organized and ran the 3rd annual 5k for the Lorain County American Red Cross, and worked on bringing happy back to the community I love with a 4th of July parade and fireworks.

The Munroe Falls sprint triathlon kicked off my highly anticpated triathlon season.  I was planning on Maumee Bay being my first for the season but had to bail.  The evening before Munroe Falls was rough, filled with a ton of anxiety in my personal life but I knew that I had to show up for this triathlon regardless.  I've been a bit out of sorts lately with added stresses, anxiety, mssing my Grandpa and being engulfed with so much negativity.  I was feeling like I was sucked back into Plato's Cave.  Alas, this triathlon was a success and it was filled with a ton of support from the triathlon community.  You see, no matter what is going on in life, the triathlon community always makes a triathlete feel welcome regardless of age, gender, athletic ability, etc.  I thrive in a positive atmosphere for the triathlon community has pulled me out of many hard times. 

The water was an inland lake and it was calm.  It took me a while to find my groove.  For some reason my swimming hasn't felt as fast and has been rather sluggish.  Getting out of the water a Cleveland Triathlon Club teammate was cheering for me, of course when I hear my name I stop, smile and wave.  Thanks Ken!  I headed out on the bike course which was a bit hilly compared to what I'm used to but it went well.  Before I knew it I was heading out for the run.  I had a blast! All smiles the whole time, just what I needed to counter the negative shots from rough weeks in the past. Overall it was a fun race and I'm glad I went through with it!

Back to Plato's Cave the next day.... I decided to sign up for the Milton Man Triathlon the following Sunday, I need my triathlon community and the positive energy as much as I can get it!

The Milton Man Triathlon was another sprint for me.  I like the longer distances but my training has been inconsistent and I was just out there to have fun and to soak up the positive atmosphere.  Getting back to triathlon season is like a first day back to school (grade school that is, I didn't enjoy high school too much).  It's great seeing many friends that I haven't seen much over the winter!

I was feeling a bit sluggish but I was rested, having gone to bed at 6pm the night before.  I was having GI issues but again, I was just out there to have fun!  I was able to meet more friends and coming out of the swim I was given a "Go Miss Mayor" shout out.  That is so cool!  Come on how many 30 year old women triathlete politicians are there? 

The swim was flat, the bike was flat and fast, and the run was filled with high 5's and all smiles.  Crossing that finish line is such a great feeling each and every time!  It is empowering to say the least!

3 years ago I started the Run for Help 5k for the Lorain County American Red Cross as a fundraiser to raise funds for disaster relief in our county.  This year was bittersweet as it was my last year on the board.  This was a fun race that I was able to run with my friend Janet and her son, their first 5k! I absolutely love watching others complete their first race!  I also met a Junior in High School student, Kaelyn.  She signed up on her own, showed up by herself, and was ready to  complete her first 5k ever!  That kind of courage rocks my world! I enjoyed chatting with her and ran with her a bit as well.  I gave her tips and passed on my mantra, "I am strong, I feel great". 

I was so proud and happy to see Johnny, Kaelynn and Janet complete their first 5k.  Absolutely nothing makes me feel as good as seeing others reach a goal and smile!

One of my goals as being Mayor of the Village of Grafton is bringing back a sense of community.  I set out to raise over $10,000 to bring fireworks back to Grafton as well as a 4th of July Parade.  I was immensely honored and humbled by the positive response.  I rode in the parade for the first time ever as Mayor and I was completely choked up with all of the smiling faces despite the oven-like heat! It was truly an overpowering feeling of gratitude and  a sense of community.  I feel very blessed to have such amazing support and again, I just love seeing people smile! My Village Adminstrator along with others really came through and helped make this happen!  They put in a ton of work and sweat!

The Village of Grafton on newsnet5
A huge thanks to all of our sponsors for the fireworks....

One of my favorite songs for many reasons....Katy Perry's Firework.  I love the lyrics.  I often feel like a plastic bag blowing in the wind.......

Did all of that just happen in under 2 weeks? Yes it did! 

I'm still feeling a bit out of sorts and I'm working on kicking those negative thoughts and fighting the suction from Plato's Cave but everything happens for a reason and I'm 100% confident everything will be ok!

I'm heading into my 31st year and I hope it's even better than the big 3-0!  The year 2011 and my 30 year mark was freaking out of this world amazing but I know that it will only get better!  I have seen the results of positive thinking, facing fears, and living life to its fullest.  I can't backdown now, its going to keep on getting better!  Tears of gratitude outnumber tears of frustration and heartache by far.... that keeps me going and I'm determinded to make the most of each day!

I will continue to Believe, Love, Understand, and Empower and I know I'll get back on track. Thank you to all of those who feed my drive and many thanks to the Triathlon Community and all of my supporters, stalkers, haters....thank you thank you thank you everyone!  I sincerely love you all! You all help make me who I am today and for that I am greatful!


  1. When I asked where you were from when we met at Munroe Falls, I had no idea you were the MAYOR of Grafton! So awesome.
    Congrats on the races and the parade - I love your outlook and positivity.
    Hopefully I'll see you at some upcoming races - it was great meeting you!

  2. Hi Heather!!! Thank you so much! Can't wait to see you at another Tri :)