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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer's Must Read

Finish Line Feeling by Liz Ferro, founder of Girls with Sole

Liz’s traumatic experiences are awful; but, her perseverance and resiliency is phenomenal.  Her attitude in life is angelic.  And to top it all off she is able to articulate her story in a way that is personable and page-turning!  Liz’s story illustrates not only the need for exposing young girls to healthy alternatives but it also explains the importance of crossing the finish line.  Reaching a goal provides an empowering feeling, physical activity is a tremendous stress relief, self-esteem builder, and it’s healthy; crossing the finish line ensures the confidence needed to move past one’s traumatic past and to help cope with the affects that any type of abuse leaves behind.  Crossing the finish line provides the tools necessary to achieve the impossible.  Liz’s story is heart breaking but she is “running” proof that girls can not only survive but they can thrive.  You will be moved to tears, laughter, and you will be motivated and inspired to move! Liz’s organization, Girls with sole, is a necessary solution to a growing problem.  

you can buy this book on  click here to buy on amazon

Or you can buy via the Girls with Sole website.....

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