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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Monday, May 7, 2012

Conquering the Heart

    Conquering my heart has been a life-long challenge; for as long as I can remember my heart has been the source of great pain, distraction, and frustration.  It is my biggest asset and my biggest obstacle.  It provides an unstoppable passion to create positve changes in my life and in helping others; but, like a fish that gets hooked it flails around and throbs when something unexpected catches it ungaurded.  When it overrules everything else, a ripple of other obstacles appear for losing control over my heart is one of my biggest fears.  As long as I stay focused on goals and utilize the water,bike, and running shoes as ways to work through the frustration, confusion, and pain I can keep my heart at bay.  When its lead astray or when there is downtime during the day, I'm reminded of the overpowering control it has over me.  When this happens I must swim longer, pedal harder, and run faster for that's the only positive way I've learned to gain back the control of my heart or at the least to cause distraction so that its power isn't so overwhelming. 

I realize that possibly the heart was not meant to be conquered but the unexpected and unplanned hooks wreck such havoc that a conquest would be much more favorable than a defeat.  To conquer the heart or to surrender to the heart, the anticipation of such resolution grows greater. 

When my heart feels heavy, life feels overwhelming, emotions get the best of me, and blocked feelings force their way out, I try to focus on the present. Yesterday is done and tomorrow isn't promised; taking comfort in knowing there is an ultimate plan creates a peace that helps me move foward. Everything will work out! ♥

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