Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Shadows in Sight

Wow, 2012 you took off fast and furious and I love it! It's almost hard to believe how fast this month has passed. 

My new position is going great. I am doing well with very little.  There are many upgrades that will help ease many frustrations and allow for more communication in every aspect. Surronding communities, organizations, residents and businesses are very welcoming, supportive, and excited. There is a lot to juggle between updating and getting the basic things in place and in helping with the economic development and attraction. Fortunately, the challenge is welcomed :) 

I am incredibly blessed and thankful for all of the support in all aspects of my life right now.  I have so much support, praise, and inspiration it makes me blush.  I'm counting my blessings and paying it forward in every way that I can. 

Words cannot explain how delighted I am to be able to truly use my skills, knowledge, and experience and to have so many opportunities to make a difference and to give back.  I thrive best in challenging positions and the timing truly is impeccable.  I'm excited about all of the things going on in my life currently and of all the things coming into my life soon.

This year is going to be another great one.  Next week I'll start my Team Beachbody journey to help me stay healthy through the winter months.  I've been struggling terribly with my weight loss due an overpowering, annoying urge to eat.  I'm using food as a crutch, a stress release, a feel good, and a comfort and it's not doing my body any favors.  I can recognize most of the triggers as well as the root cause, I just need to figure out how to tackle it and conquer it.  I will have a great support system to say the least.

I have also been recruited to help with the American Cancer Society for Lorain County.  I will be starting as a Mentor for Team in Training soon and I can't wait to help Lorain County residents to start their journeys in training for a running race.  Nothing is more rewarding than being able to share knowledge in order to help others grow.  I'm a Lorain County representative for Civic Commons, a great organization striving to build bridges between organziations, communities, and government. 
I'm meeting so many new friends and building current relationships and am excited to see both grow. 

I'm quickly approaching my test dates for my Personal Training and Group Fitness certifications.  I love having the additional knowledge and skills and hope that I can use them to help others and make small differences. 

I feel I am at a point when so many things are coming together.   There are many things in my life that I've been unsure of or confused with the purpose each brought.  Many of these things are making sense and coming together in a harmonic sense. 

B.L.U.E. is coming along slow but sure and I'm excited to see how it all unfolds. 

As I start the 2nd month of 2012, I see no shadows in sight
my tools, resources, and support are abundant
I think it's safe to say that I no longer have past demons to fight
I'm present in right now and the future looks bright
every challenge is met with gratitude
each obstacle is possible and all fears are conquerable
the opportunities are endless and the growth is rapid
clouds are great for groundhogs; but clear, sunny skies portray a BLUE life

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