Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ready or not 2012, here I come!

This past year, 2011, was the most awesome year ever.  I really raised the bar, reached even higher, and put many things to the test.  How can such an amazing year be topped?  What will 2012 bring and what do I plan? I've been thinking about how to map out my 2012 route and to be honest, I'm not sure what I can do to top the most amazing year of my life. I did think of a few things that I would like to work towards, a few goals to challenge myself.  However, I'm going to leave the door open so that I can add things as the year continues.
So far, I'm planning on running my first trail race.  In April I will run 17.5 miles in the woods.  Late 2011 I discovered trail running and fell in love.  It's another activity I can do that shuts my mind off.  Believe me, I love my mind but sometimes it needs to just turn off.  With trail running I'm so focused on the terrain, not tripping, the challenging hills, mud, and often times solitude.  In May I plan on running my first full Marathon, 26.2 miles on the road.  Last year I ran the half marathon and loved it.  I'm also hoping to raise over $3,000 dollars for team in training. I needed to raise the challenge for my TNT fundraising and I really wanted to make an impact towards the fight against cancer. My Aunt E's Lymphoma returned yet again and it really upset me that she was still being bullied.  I felt that $3,000 would be an excellent challenge and hopefully a huge support for my strong, cancer fighting Aunt!

Thus far, the above are my 3 large goals.  In addition I thought of a few other challenges to keep me busy......

1. Listen more/ talk less.... I have a tendency, although it has improved immensely, to speak too much when I feel passionate about something.  However,  much more can be learned by listening.  This year I will strengthen my listening skills. 
2. I want to participate in an indoor (pool) swim meet....  My summers growing up were spent at swim team practice in the AM, lounging all day by the pool and swim team practice at night.  My happiest moments revolved around swimming.  I'd like to continue this passion.  I realize that I will be swimming against and with college swimmers and very seasoned swimmers; Alas, I will not let my fear of coming in last prevent me from doing something! swim meet...get ready!
3. I would like to finally obtain my personal training and group fitness certifications.  I registered for both tests and will be taking them in April. 
4. I would like to start at least 1 of the books I plan on writing. 
5.  Last year I really enjoyed biking outdoors.  It was quite the adventure.  In 2012 I want to ride my bike from house to Rocky River and then back to my house.  The best way to do this is through the Reservation, I just need to find a less traveled way to get fro mmy house to the reservation in Berea.  I'm guestimating this trip will take 45 miles there and 45 back. 
6. I really want to stick with reading at least one book a month.  I have so much that I want to read; but I also have many policy and procedure books to read, in addition to school books, books for work, etc.  Im going to try to fit in a recreational book each month and continue to write about them here.
7. Yoga.....Yoga is really helping my patience, my perspective, and my posture.  This year I will be going on a wellness retreat with friends and at this retreat there will be yoga.  It is my goal to be able to do 2-3 yoga inversions by the time I leave for this retreat.  I'm going to work towards crow pose, and 2 others.  I think a headstand would be really cool, but we'll see what happens!
8. Last year I had an amazing week long getaway to the woods with Bruiser.  I want to do this again but take it up a notch and do more white water rafting this time on the upper yough.  I also want to do more kayaking. 
9. I finally bought C.G. Jung's "The Red Book"- this book is treasure to the psychology world and I really want to take the time to read it and soak it in. 
10.  Give more
11. I'd love to find some sponsors for BLUE and my racing, I 'd like to apply to be a member of the Rev3 team. 
12.  Last but certainly not least I want to wear a bikini.  Stop.... don't take this the wrong way.  This isn't the typical "lose a million pounds in 4 months goal".  I want to finally conquer my body image issues and feel comfortable, completely comfortable, in my own skin.  Currently I am pretty confident but I still have a lingering body issue and well I want to give that up.  Regardless, bikins are much more comfortable and functional. 

So there it is...12 things to work towards for 2012.  Three big goals to accomplish for 2012. And of course.....anything else that comes up, any additional fears to conquer, any challenges to face.... I will be ready!

2012, hopefully NOT the last  year that I get to Believe Love Understand Empower


  1. Great goals and I believe you will get to them this year! LOVE the graphic too, it's so perfect for you.