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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Believe Love Understand Empower

Believe Love Understand Empower
Late 2009 and into 2010 I had enough of my current life, my relationships, my emptiness and pain. I knew my life was not on the right path and I wanted more
I went through a healing phase and I kept to myself and did a lot of thinking about what I wanted to change and how I would change
November 2010 I went way outside of my comfort zone. I went on a week long vacation/ camp to improve my triathlon and swimming skills
I don't like traveling, I don't like leaving my house overnight, I don't like new situations, and the name a few
But I still had that nagging feeling...that feeling you get when you know you can do more with your life but you're not sure how to move forward
During this camp I went in with the attitude of "why not?"
These 10 days sparked something in me that I cannot explain
Upon returning home I became depressed but still determined to figure out how to move forward and how to change
I read, I thought, I researched, I continued to go out of my comfort zone and through this I met so many amazing, motivating people. People who had similar interests as me and people who wanted to change as well and people who went through major changes
I closed a chapter in my life that was dragging me down and I finally let that past and pain go, thus giving me the ability to move on
The positive energy bounced me from place to place and I very quickly
I found myself and truly lived
December 2010 I created BLUE in order to record and share this journey but also to hold me accountable to the things I wanted to do...things that were scary but rewarding and fullfilling
I continued to meet new people and I went to events, races, places by myself it was risky for someone who is shy, introverted, and reserved. I forced myself to do this and it was amazing.
I said yes to every invite that I recieved
then I started working on the goals
My first 5 mile race
My first 5k in the snow/ice
My first 10 mile run
My first Half Marathon
My first Camping Trip
5k PR
My frist Olympic Distance Triathlon
My first kayaking and white water rafting trip (solo)
My first half ironman
First time walking on fire
My first Movie Premiere
My first time having my name in the movie credits
My first campaign
My first time in a political office
this was also the first time in my life that I became more social, more open, and more willing to experience life
Half way through the year I reached a big milestone, the Big "30"

2011 was an amazing year, the best year of my life, the most educational year of my life

I'm so greatful for all of the amazing people I met and I'm so greatful for all of the opportunities, support, and challenges

I'm proud and happy that I Believed in myself and my dreams and goals.  I'm proud and happy that I learned to love myself and to love and appreciate those around me.  I'm proud and happy that I learned to Understand myself and how to reach my dreams and goals.  I'm proud and happy for feeling empowered and I will give back to those around me so that they feel empowered.

I have only started, 2011 is just the beginning..... BLUE and dreams will come true, goals will be achieved, happiness will be reached, and life will be experienced!


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  1. Happy New Year Megan! You were wonderful in 2011 and I'm sure you'll keep being wonderful in 2012