Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Taper Time!

It's here! Summer is over and I'm in taper mode for the Rev3 70.3.  My longest run was 12 miles, longest bike ride was 60 miles, and longest swim was 1.5 miles.  My longest brick was an 8 mile run after a 30 mile bike ride which is not very long but it was all I did. I didn't do much this last week because my legs were done and overtired.  I decided to rest them up and not risk injury. This week I plan to do a couple of short runs, a short bike ride, and an easy open water swim.  I will focus on the mental aspects, positive thinking, and visulation all week. 

I wasn't able to reach my goal weight.  Burning 2,000 calories a workout and dieting are not possible for me.   I learned so much about the importance of hydration and fuel .  Last year I wouldn't run unless it was above 60 degrees and I didn't go farther than 3 miles.  This year, I welcome 60 degree weather and I enjoy going farther.  My racing goals for the year included completeing 1 olympic distance triathlon and I did 2 and 1 sprint. I am waiting on completing twice the distance of an Olympic race, the 70.3.

I'm much more comfortable on the bike and I think I even started enjoying my long rides.  I've learned how to mentally race and have started using mantras which help immensely. I'm already looking ahead at what I need to work on for next season and what races I want to tackle over the fall and winter as well as next spring.   Whatever happens next Sunday, I've come a long way this year.  I believe I can do it, I love doing it, I understand how to do it, and I'm going to feel empowered doing it!

Believe Love Understand Empower!!

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