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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vermillion Sprint Triathlon

Sunday August 14th I completed the Vermillion Triathlon.  This triathlon is one of my's local, it was the first one I ever did a few years ago, and it's always a really great racing environment.  I will always do the sprint distance at this Tri simply because I like to see my improvements from year to year since I started. 

The morning started out stormy and rainy.  I headed out into the rain and off to Vermillion.  When I reached the race site the weather was much better.  After pickin up my packet I learned that there was a short delay and that the swim portion was changed a little bit.  Rather than swimming in a square we swam a straight distance parallel to shore (like the Greater Cleve tri).  HFP shortened the Oly swim and everyone swam the sprint distance- .5 miles. 

It was great seeing so many familiar faces before the start.  Once in the lake I felt comfortable- the conditions were no where near those of last week's Tri.  I swam 1.5 miles the day before with some friends as well and so I felt prepared and ready to rock it.  My swim time was 12:43- everything went great besides a few aggressive swimmers kicking and pushing. 

The bike course was fast and flat! I usually average a 14mph speed but I was averaging 16 mph.  By the time I was warmed up on the bike, it was time to run! I finished the bike in 39:03- shaving several minutes off from my previous years.

The run course was also flat and it's such a great run course with people cheering and hosing us down with water.  The sun stayed hidden so the weather temp was great! I always wear blue for my racing of the water volunteers shouted out, "Go Blue!" ...I thought that was pretty cool and it made me smile.  Again, I shaved a ton of time off my run and finished with a 32:19 run. 

My overall time was 1:27:23- it was a great race. 

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