Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have so many topics that I'm dying to write about and share yet I haven't been able to take the time to sit and write.
I can hardly believe it's only mid January, I would prefer a cruel summer over a long winter.  When it's cold and dark outside it's so easy for us to stay in and sit on the couch and abandon our health and our bodies.  My motto (I guess it's Nike's motto too lol) is to "just do it", don't think about it.  Over the years I've learned that the more I think of something, the more anxious I become and the easier it is to be talked out of doing.  Before I think, "It's too cold out" or "I'm so tired, I'll do it later" or"I'm too scared" or "what will others think?" - I just do it. I started working out at a place in Lakewood early Fall and I was delighted to find that this same motto was used and the teachers in the classes would always say, "Don't think about it, just do it" and it really enforced my belief that the mind is extremely powerful.  Your mind can make things happen but it can also work against you. 

I'm still reading The Secret- I told you I was a slow reader and it was hard for me to focus :) .  This book really enforces this theory as well but it goes in great detail about positivity and gratitude.  I'm doing my best to pay attention to my thoughts more than before and when I finish the book- I'll share my opinion but so far it's a good read and a good idea. 

On another note, I've started yet another journey.  After being inspired by so many people ove the last few years and especially this last year- I've decided to go for my personal training and group fitness certification.  I feel that this certification, in addition to my "life lessons" learned, will hopefully help others find their way to a healthy body and soul.  I'm not looking at a career change as I love manufacturing and it's challenges; I'm looking to give back what so many have given to me.  If all goes well, I hope to be certified by mid- summer. 

Self discovery is an enjoyable yet eye opening journey; I learn something new everyday, sometimes good, sometimes challenging but always a step forward. 

Keep your body warm and your soul moving or vice versa ;)

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