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Blue's UnBashful Blog

Sunday, December 21, 2014

BBA 50k, not so much

Saturday November 15th my sister picked me up bright and early to drive me down to the Bill's Bad Ass 50k trail run course. A 50k is over 30 miles.  The course is a 5mile loop to be completed 6 times and then the final mile being mostly stairs.  It was my intention to stick to short distances this year as I was struggling with staying "in the game" mentally.  I decided to run this race before I sprained my ankle and I decided to raise funds for one of my favorite organizations, Girls With Sole. 

The weather was brisk this Saturday morning.  I was among the early starters and in great company.  The first 2 loops felt great albeit slow.  Looking back on this day, I believe I may have mentally talked myself out of a finish, knowing that I was undertrained and one of the slowest runners out there.  On the 3rd loop my knees began aching, especially on the uphill and downhill.  Most of the course was a hill, thus the awesome challenge and finisher's receiving the title "Bad Ass".  I finished the 3rd loop mostly hiking.  I consulted with fellow runners about my knee pains, some said "push forward" while others said, "don't injure yourself more".  After finishing 15 miles I decided on the latter. 

I raised nearly $1,000 for Girls With Sole and I ran 15 miles, a distance I didn't plan on running in 2014.  It was my first DNF (did not finish) ever but I feel it was the right decision.  I have been resting my knees as both were diagnosed with "runner's knee".  Luckily I'm a multi-sport athlete and have swimming, biking, strength training, and yoga to lean on during the winter months.   I finished my racing year on a good note, with great people.  Life doesn't go as planned, we must learn to "Be Like Water" and go with the flow. 

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