Blue's UnBashful Blog

Blue's UnBashful Blog

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Peace to my Heart

Thank you for your unconditional love I know it can be tough, putting up with someone so rough

I appreciate your support and your never ending motivation
When I'm down you know how to bring me back up

I've longed for your comfort and your ability
to erase the past, the pain, and the negativity

Security and safety are the necesseties of my sanctum
you provide all of the above without hesitation

Opening up to you without judgement keeps me sane
it's like I'm drowing and you're my resuscitation

dependability and determination to get through to me gives me strength to continue believing

Live Laugh Love Learn you allow me to achieve all of these desires
without question and regardless of my attire

the passion is what I've always imagined
but it's better than I ever dreamt

monogamy, matriomy, motherhood, gifts I've always wanted but never thought would happen
It's more than I can fathom

I know you're out there
and for that moment of realization I say a prayer
for comfort, for love, for bringing peace to my heart

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