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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

I finished my first book of this year, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. " I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy" !

This was a short but great read! Basically- think it, beleive it, and it will be.  Our mind is very powerful and we attract what we think and what we feel.  The Secret is the Law of Attraction.  We must love ourselves and take care of ourselves first and foremost and this will create positive which will then "rub off onto others" and also attract positive things.   

The following excerpt really grabbed my attention:
        Most people define themselves by this finiate body, but you're not a finite body.  Even under a       microscope you're as energy field.  What we know about energy is this: You go to a quantum physicist and you say, 'What creates the world?' and he or she will tell you, 'Energy".  Well describe energy. "Ok, it can never be created or destroyed, it always was, always has been, everything that ever exised always exists, it's moving form, through form and out of form.' You go to a theologian and ask the question, 'What created the Universe?' and he or she will say, "God.' Ok, describe God.  "Always was and always has been, never can be created or destroyed, all that ever was, always will be, always moving into form, through form and out of form.' You see, it's the same description, just different terminology.  (p. 158-159)

We are all energy!

To illustrate our powerful mind and what we think happens- the book mentioned the "placebo effect"- which is absolutely correct.  The placebo effect is something that has been in use for years and it has been proven "scientifically".  Patients in group 1 were given a form of medicine while patients in group 2 were told they were being given the same thing.  The results of both groups are similar simply because group 2 beleived they were recieving medicine but instead it was a sugar pill or a placebo. 

There are many more examples of how The Secret has been around for many years in the book. I'm starting to read the follow up, The Power. 

2 Thumbs Up  :) 

Don't stop Believing!

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